Project Experience

Bloomfield College
Bloomfield, NJ

Clee & Schweitzer Halls – Lower Levels
New residence hall space to create 26 beds

225 Liberty Street 
84-bed residence hall
Design feasibility and preliminary design

25 Austin Place
12-bed residence hall
Alterations to convert offices to housing

Molecular Biology Lab
New laboratory for the Natural Sciences Division

General Biology Lab 
New laboratory for the Natural Sciences Division

Westminster Hall Comprehensive Plan 
Study for an addition and adaptive reuse of a historic structure

Westminster Hall Roof Replacement 
Complex historic slate roof replacement
Preliminary study and construction administration

Center for Technology+Creativity 
Division of Creative Arts & Technology
Alterations and addition of 27,000 sf facility

Division of Nursing
New labs, classes and offices
Alterations to 12,000 sf of College Hall

Anatomy and Physiology Lab
New lab for the Natural Sciences Division

Motion Capture Studio
New studio space

Gateway Signage
Signs at five locations to define campus entry

New Quad
Design study for a new campus exterior space

Clee Hall Student Residence

  • Entry lobby design study
  • Bathroom alterations
  • New heating & air conditioning
  • Foundation stabilization

Schweitzer Hall Student Residence

  • Bathroom alterations
  • New heating & air conditioning

Dining Hall Alterations

Alterations and addition to 5,000 sf

Dining Hall Addition
Design study for an addition and alterations

ITPS and CIS/NE Relocation to 2 Broad Street

18,000 sf of classrooms, labs and office space

Talbott Hall Alterations

Computer labs, classrooms and offices

14,500 sf alterations and renovations

Student Center Relocation
Alterations for an interim relocation

Center for Academic Development
Classrooms and offices for CAD

New 12,000 sf building

Student Financial Services

8,000 sf alterations and renovations

Library Improvement

Learning Commons, Group Study Rooms, Art Gallery, Computer Lab & Radio Station

8,000 sf of alterations

Division of Education
New offices & instructional support facilities
Alteration and restoration of a historic structure

Science Building Seminar Rooms
New seminar-sized classrooms with AV technology

Westminster Hall
New computer and video animation labs

Master Plan
Campus Master Plan for 2,000-student college

Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences
New offices for the division

Enrollment Management
New Welcome Center and offices
Restoration and addition to a historic structure

68 Oakland Avenue
Relocation of the historic structure
Design of new foundations and coordination

President’s House Alterations
Interior and exterior alterations

President’s Office
New offices for the College President

Seibert Hall Improvements

  • Historic roof replacement
  • Electrical system upgrade
  • Masonry evaluation and repairs

Township of Bloomfield
Bloomfield, NJ

Town Hall Window Replacement
New historic windows and masonry repairs

Town Hall Restroom Alterations
New accessible restrooms

Children’s Library

  • Mezzanine alterations
  • New restrooms

Pulaski Field House
Alterations and renovations

Kearny Board of Education Kearny, NJ

Lincoln School Soundproofing and Renovations
Alterations and upgrades to 80,000 sf school

Lincoln School Addition
A 20,000 sf two-story addition

Alterations to Franklin School

  • Conversion of the upper breezeway to classrooms
  • Conversion of the lower breezeway to classrooms

Washington School Early Childhood Classrooms
Alterations to create four classrooms

Early Childhood Improvements – Four Schools
Various alterations to accommodate early childhood

New Board Offices
Alterations and addition to 174 Midland Avenue

Franklin School Field Improvements
Installation of a new synthetic athletic field

Franklin School Classroom Alterations
Conversion of old offices to four classrooms

High School Youth Services Center
Counseling center in the high school

High School Track Improvements
Installation of a synthetic track

Franklin School Multi-Purpose Room
12,000 sf addition

High School Gym Floor Replacement
Installation of a new resilient gym floor

High School Bleacher Replacement
Installation of a new bleacher system

High School Stadium Repair
Repairs and alterations to concrete stadium

Masonry Repairs to Four Schools

Brick and stone repair – entire school

  • Garfield School
  • Schuyler School
  • Roosevelt School
  • Washington School

Roof Replacements to Five Schools

New modified bitumen roof – entire school

  • Garfield School
  • High School
  • Roosevelt School
  • Schuyler School
  • Washington School

High School Gym Roof Replacement
New modified bitumen roof

Lincoln School Gym Roof Replacement
New modified bitumen roof

Lincoln School Pool Roof Replacement
New modified bitumen roof

The Rogosin Institute
New York, NY

Immunogenetics and Transplantation Center

  • Laboratory and offices renovations
  • HVAC upgrades
  • DNA Lab alterations

New York-Presbyterian Hospital
New York, NY

Colorectal Program
Alterations to offices and exam rooms

Lab alterations

Microbiology Automation Lab
Lab alterations

Urology Department
Alterations to offices and exam rooms

Central Lab Supply
Relocation and renovations

Surgical Pathology
Alterations to offices and lab

Westchester Campus
Chemistry lab feasibility study
Design Study of three locations

Robotics Lab
Alterations and expansion

Chapel Relocation
Design study to relocate chapel and offices

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

  • Molecular Pathology lab
  • Cytogenetics lab
  • Immunology Division office renovations

Weill Cornell Medicine
New York, NY

Student Lounge
Interior renovations

Dept. of Neurology
New offices and exam rooms

Neurological Surgery Laboratory
New lab space

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

  • Derm Path & Renal Path lab & office renovations
  • Lab and office alterations
  • Bio-Bank Lab renovations
  • Scope room renovations
  • Cytology Division office renovations

Department of Medicine
Lab and office alterations

Lab and office alterations

Pediatric Surgery
Office renovations

Clinical Genomics
Lab and office alterations

Cardiology Department
Lab and office alterations

Atomic Force Microscopy Lab
Lab alterations

Dermatology Practice   
Mohs lab alterations

Radiology & Molecular Biology
Office renovations

Micromanipulation & Reproductive Medicine
Lab alterations

ENT Department
Study for office and exam room alterations

Molecular Pathology Laboratory
Lab and offices

Main Corridor Renovations
1300 York Ave, New York, NY

Dept. of Radiation Administrative Offices
Planning study